A downloadable game for Windows

BioLab is a four-player rpg/serious game: an intern, a technician, a patient and a physician. It takes place in a scientific laboratory where each lab bench displays a mini-game. To win, each player needs to find their assigned mini-game(s) and to succeed in all of them.

This game has been made by :

Nadhir @nadhirm_sa (Game Developper)

Maryline (UI Designer)

Nicolas @nkoo (Graphist 3D)

Long @hsandt (Game Designer and Developper)

MaliGames (Ux Designer)

And based on a PhD dissertation in progress

Made at Scientific Gamejam CRI Paris 2017

Install instructions

Press F key to play with PC keyboard .

And press start or select for play for Xbox controller !

You can play this game with friends ! limite by four players


Biolab.zip (246 MB)